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Don's Rail Photos

 The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Light Co.

The Milwaukee Electric Ry. & Transport Co. 

Milwaukee & Suburban Transport Corp.

Miscellaneous Non-revenue Equipment


A was built by Russell in 1908 as Milwaukee Northern Ry A.  It became TMER&LCo A in 1928 and became a shed at Port Washington.

1 was apparently a CM&StP locomotive.

1 was built by Brill in 1888 as Milwaukee & Whitefish Bay Ry 1, a steam dummy trailer.  It became TM 701, as smoking car, in 1894 and used on interurban lines.  In 1908 it was used as a sleeper on way department and renumbered 1 in 1912,  It was retired in 1925,

11 was a portable sub-station built by TM in 1923. It was apparently scrapped in 1952.

12 is a portable sub-station built by TM in 1926. In 1948 it was moved to Lakeside. It is now at the Illinois Railway Museum.

202 was built by Niles in 1908 as Milwaukee Northern Ry 202. It became TMER&L 202 in 1928 and went to Kenosha Motor Coach Lines in 1948 and was scrapped in 1952

389 was an early model motor bus converted to way and structures use.

X411 was a Lakeside coal crane.

There was an un-numbered electric crane at the Cold Spring Shops.


No numbered was built by Baldwin in March 1892, #12563, as South Side Elevated RR 54.  It was purchased by TMER&T with no number for construction at Lakeside Power Plant.  It was displayed for many years but scrapped in 1950 in the Korea War.



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