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When asked to define a "critter", someone said "When you see one, you know it's a critter." I think this fills the definition of a critter. I doubt if any manufacturer would claim it, but it sure has atmosphere. It looks as if it was some kind of short rail car frame with arch bar trucks. Then they took a Mack "bulldog" chain drive truck and mounted it on one end with the chain running down to one of the axles. The hopper was probably some kind of elevated loading rig. Under it you can see a conveyor sticking out to deliver the gravel off the track. I wonder if the Georgetown RR got their idea from this "prototype" for their gravel delivery trains. The guy in the cab is my friend Jerry Fisher from Racine.

Does anyone know when this gem was destroyed?

For the sake of the modellers, here are two more views of this machine.


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