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Arkansas Trolleys


Arkansas Power & Light Co.

Capital District Transportation Co.

It is rather surprising that so little has been done on the trolleys of Little Rock since they ran until at least 1947. They were replaced with Brill electric buses which later were sold to Shreveport, who sold them to Mexico City.

Here is a small presentation of several of their cars.

CTCo car 221 was built by St. Louis Car Co. in 1903, order #446, and appears to have been rebuilt.

CTCo car 246 was built by St. Louis Car Co. in 1902, order #366, and was rebuilt.

AP&L car 252 is shown in an early postcard view. I don't have builder information on it except that it was rebuilt from an open car.

CTCo 301 was built by American Car Co. in 1926, order #1424. It is not a Birney.

AP&L car 406 was built by American Car Co. in 1924, order #1385.

Fort Smith Light & Traction Co.

34 was built by American Car Co in 1905, #585.  It was rebuilt in December 1911.

Hot Springs Street Ry.

This system was abandoned in 1936.

101 was built by American Car Co in March 1918, #1137.  It was scrapped in 1936.


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