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Don's Rail Photos

Panhandle Mfg. Co. 

In February, 1972, I was in Wichita Falls to take care of a client, but I had a little extra time. I took my trusty old 616 camera and went to the Katy engine house. Nearby I noticed a critter sitting in a field behind a warehouse. I worked my way in and got the picture you see here. The warehouse was the Panhandle Mfg. Co. and I assume they owned it. There were no markings on the locomotive and nothing to indicate who built it. It doesn't look like anything put together by any of the known builders.

T.G. Railway Enterprises

Ten years later I was in Fort Worth with my trusty Canon IIB which I had purchased in Japan in 1954. 616 was no longer available, and a little over a year earlier I had returned to taking photos after a 4 year hiatus. In the old Katy engine facility at Nye, a company named T.G.Railway Enterprises had set up shop to repair railcars. Here I found their "Unit 3". I compared the photos with my old friend from Wichita Falls. The hood on the 3 is longer which looks as if it may have been re-engined. I am convinced it is the same locomotive. I still don't know who built it. It was replaced or supplemented with a Unimog looking critter and a Whiting Trackmobile. I don't know what happened to Unit 3. TG disappeared about 1990. The site has been cleaned up and is now part of Nye Yard on the UP.


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