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Chicago & North Western

Box Cab Diesels

When we think of the Chicago & North Western today we have a picture of modern wide cab ac units and a bunch of old GP7s. If we think back a few years, images of Class E pacifics, Class R-1 ten-wheelers, Class J mikes, and the H northerns come to mind. But the C&NW was an early user of diesels. They purchased 3 box cab Ingersoll Rand--Alco--General Electric 300 HP units and one 600 HP unit which was an Ingersoll Rand--General Electric. These ran for many years until the middle 1950s. Here we see the whole gang.

1000 was built in April 1926 with Alco construction number 66679 and General Electric number 10023. It was scrapped in March 1956.

1001 was built October 19, 1926 with construction numbers 66753 and 10133. It was retired February 1956 and scrapped.

1002 was built April 19, 1927 with construction numbers 66755 and 10135. It was retired in May 1957 and scrapped the next month.

1200 was built in August 1930 with General Electric construction number 11241. It was scrapped in June 1957.


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