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Gifford-Hill Company


76-4464, S2, was built by Alco in April 1946, #74464, as  International-Great Northern 9159.  It became Missouri Pacific 9159 on March 3, 1956 and renumbered 1954 in 1962,  It was sold as Gifford-Hill Co. 76-4464.


Grand Prairie, TX

In late 1965, I was transferred to Dallas from Peoria by Railway Express. When we first arrived we rented a home in Dallas, but early in 1967 the owner died. We were invited to either purchase the house or move. Since this was an older home, not eligible for FHA or VA financing, it was out of the question. We looked all over the area and finally decided to have a home built in Irving. Just about this time I was wandering in south Irving on Hunter Ferrell Road when I found the sand and gravel plant owned by Southwestern Construction Materials. I found there was a track heading west from the plant which ended almost at Belt Line Road. On an older map, I found that the track had actually gone west of Belt Line. This track was used to haul gravel from the pits in the Trinity River bottoms to the plant. If you look at the aerial photo below, the plant was at B near the top of the map. The road running across the map just above it is Hunter Ferrell. The track is the dotted line headed west to A, which is where the gravel pits were located. The track was still in place as far as the place where I indicate it fanning out.

Much of the gravel was used in the fabrication of concrete pipe in the Gifford-Hill plant at C. At E is the interchange with the Texas & Pacific main line. The road just south of the pipe plant is I30.

On an earlier trip I found this little 25 tonner next to the Interstate. There is a locomotive like this, now painted orange, which can be seen in the plant. It could very well be the same locomotive.

Sitting in front of the SWC plant was this little gem, built by Vulcan in 1926 #3646. It disappeared a short time later and was probably scrapped.

Over the years, the track to the West gradually disappeared. The first part was the dark area immediately West of the plant. This became a City of Irving landfill. The the track beyond was gone when the area was developed for housing. By the mid 1980's, the plant itself was abandoned. I made several trips to the place and found a collection of critters. The track was still in place to the south edge of the plant, but the bridge over the Trinity River, which snakes between the gravel plant and the pipe plant, we virtually unusable for rail movements. It had a wood deck which made it useable by cars and trucks. There was a track built to the east just south of the bridge which gives rail access to the Trinity River Authority sewerage plant at D. They have a drop cab 44 ton with a real fancy paint job that no one gets to see except employes, but you will see it before long right here. Here are photos of the critters which remained and disappeared a year or two later.

The first has a builder's plate from Fate-Root-Heath dated Feb, 1936 #3822. It indicates that it was built for the Works Projects Administration.

Nearby was this little Plymouth which had no plate. It must have been a 5 tonner. It was virtually a tractor on rails.

I never could get an official explanation of this "thing". That is a pilot on the front. There were gears on a few of the axles. It looks as if it had been a locomotive, possibly even electric. My guess is that it was used as a caboose on the run to the gravel pits. But that is only a guess.

Working the gravel loader near the bridge was this 44 ton by General Electric, Nov 1953, #32084 Recently it was seen inside the pipe plant next to the Interstate. A small 25 tonner is at the west end of the plant away from any fence.


Midlothian, TX

653, 45 Ton, was built by General Electric in May 1956, #32532.

10082, 70 Ton, was built by General Electric in April 1953, #31725, as Georgia State Port Authority 102.  It became Savannah State Docks RR 102 and sold to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive in July 1973.  It was sold as Graham County RR 102 and resold to George R Silcott Co.  They sold it as G-H 10082 in 1982 and rebuilt in 1984.


Waco, TX

799514 appears to be a Plymouth.

This un-numbered 80 Tonner was built by General Electric in May 1953, #31803.


Garden Ridge, TX

101, S4u, was built by Alco. It looks as if it may be a product of the Texas & Northern.

110, S2u, was built by Alco in June 1942, #69972, as Atlantic Coast Line 612, Class DES.  It was rebuilt by Electro-Motive in 1956 as 29 and became Seaboard Coast Line 110 in July 1967.  It was sold as Atlanta Stone Mountain & Lithonia 110 and became Davidson Mineral Properties 110.  It was sold as GH 110 and relettered as Hanson 110.

4297, SD40-2, was built by Electro-Motive in July 1979, #786182-6, as Missouri Pacific 3297.  It became Union Pacific B4297 on December 10, 1990, and rebuilt as B4297 on December 2, 1992,  It was retired on March 17, 2000.  It was later sold as LH 4297.


Lewisville, AR

336 was built by Baldwin in March 1909, #33286, as St Louis South-Western 336, Class D-3. It was sold to Meriwether Gravel Co as 336 on January 1, 1947. It was sold in 1961 to G-HCo in 1961 and placed on display in 1963 at Lewisville, AR.



204, RS1, was built by Alco in January 1945 #73097, as Minneapolis & St Louis 1144.  It was renumbered 204 in March 1956 and sold as Feliciana Eastern 204 in August 1959.  It became Jahncke Services 204 and became G-HCo 204.


South Carolina

10-930, 45 Ton, was built by General Electric in December 1942, #17732, as United States Army 7422.  It was sold to J W Bailes Co no number and resold Becker Sand & Gravel Co no number.  It was sold as G-H 10-930 and became Blue Circle Cement Co no number.  It became Lafarge Corp no number and became Argos Cement Co no number.


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