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Don's Rail Photos

Hagerstown & Frederick Ry.

Potomac Edison Co.

It's hard to describe the H&F since it seems to be more of a country trolley than an interurban line. Yet they did operate freight service and covered some 76 miles of line in western Maryland. It was the last passenger interurban east of Chicago. The H&F was a consolidation of several lines dating back to 1902. They joined together in 1913. Abandonments began in 1932. In 1938 the main line was cut so that there were two separate sections, one at Hagerstown, and the other at Frederick. The Hagerstown line finally quit in 1947, but the Frederick to Thurmont passenger service lasted until February 20, 1954. Freight service was later dieselized but lasted only until 1958. I was fortunate enough to visit Frederick the year after passenger service ended, but some of the freight equipment was still around. Here is a collection of photos of equipment from this fascinating line. You will find a wealth of additional information at the home page of Alex Postpischil where I gleaned quite a bit of update information for this page.

Car 1 was built by Southern Car in 1909 for the Annapolis Short Line. It was rebuilt in 1917 as Washington Baltimore & Annapolis 17. They sold it in 1935 to Capital Transit Co., where it was the 017. In 1944 it went to the H&F. Its disposition is unknown.

2 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in February, 1911, #36088. Prior to the 1913 merger it was Frederick RR 23. It was retired in 1948.

3 was built by H&F in 1914. It was retired in 1945.

4 was built by H&F in 1914. It was retired in 1948.

5 was built by H&F in 1920. It was retired in 1955 and went to Shade Gap Electric Ry.  It then was returned to home by H&F Ry Historical Society.

6 was built by Brill in March 1911, #17701, for the Frederick RR, no number. It became H&F 6 in 1913.  It was wrecked and burned in 1943.

7 was acquired in 1918 from an unknown source. Other information showed it as being built in the company shop in 1927. It served double duty in the winter as a plow. The disposition is unknown.

8 was built by Hagerstown Ry in 1902. It was retired in 1947, but the body survived until 1996 when it burned.

9 was built by the Washington & Old Dominion in 1918 as their 25. It came to the H&F in 1944. It was retired in 1955 and the disposition is unknown.

10 was built by Baldwin on November 30, 1912, #38835 and completed by Westinghouse on January 25, 1913. It was originally Connecticut Co. 029 and was renumbered 1054 in 1916. It was sold to Hampton & Langley Field Ry as 200 in 1937, and then to the H&F as 10 in 1945. It was sold for scrap in 1955.

12 was built by General Electric, December, 1917, #6238, as Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee 452, but was diverted to the government for use as Watervliet Arsenal E-2. It came to the H&F in 1947. Disposition is unknown.

15 was built by the Chambersburg Greencastle & Waynesboro Street Ry. in 1917 as their 15. It came to the H&F from this line which was a connection at Shady Grove, Pa. in 1932. Disposition is unknown.

48 was built by Brill in March 1926, #22386. It came from the CG&W, also, since they were owned by Potomac Edison, too. It was retired in 1949 and disposition is unknown.

50 is obviously not for interchange service.

150 was built by Southern Car Co in 1918 for Columbia Railway Gas & Electric Co with unknown number.  It was sold as H&F 150 in 1923 and retired in 1954.  The body was purchased and placed on other trucks.  It is displayed annually for the Myersville Trolley Festivall

160 was built by Cincinnati in April 1909, #1055, as Hagerstown Ry 45. It became H&F 160 in 1913 and disposition is unknown.

164 was built by Brill in October 1910, #17507, as Frederick RR 32.  It became H&F 164 in 1913 and scrapped in 1945.

167 was built by Brill in February 1915, #19574. It was wrecked in 1946.

168 was built by Brill in February 1917, #20224. It was sold as a residence in 1947, but is now being restored at the Hagerstown Ry. Museum.

169 was built by Brill in February 1917, #20224.  It was sold for other uses in 1947.

170 was built by Brill in February 1917, #20224. It was scrapped in 1947.

171 was built by Brill in February 1919, #20710. It was retired in 1954 and became a private residence. It is now a fishing cabin.

172 was built by Brill in June 1921, #21378. It was retired in 1954. The disposition is unknown.

202 was a non-interchange flat car.


1, 65DE19A, was built by Whitcomb in January 1944, #60361, as U S Army 8120.  It was sold as Union RR 406 in December 1946 and resold to Tippins Machinery Co.  It was sold as Polomac Edison Co 1 in 1954 and sold to Cuba in 1958.

2, 65DE19A, was built by Whitcomb in January 1944, #60363, as USA 8122.  It was sold as URR 409 in December and resold to Tippins Machinery Co.  It was sold as PECo 2 in 1954 and resold as Blue Rock Transportation Co 1235 in 1958.  It was scrapped in 1998.


Thanks to Alex M. Postpischil for his help.


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