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Southern Pacific

Narrow Gauge

It hardly seems possible that it is almost 40 years since the SP stopped running the Owens Valley narrow gauge line. They even made one last effort by dieselizing, but that only lasted 6 years. Here is a selection of photos of the last power used on that line.

8, Class T, was built by Baldwin in August 1907, #31445, as Nevada-California-Oregon 4, It was renumbered 8 in 1910 and sold to SP as 8 in September 1929. It was donated to the State of Nevada on May 9, 1955, for display at Sparks.

9, Class T, was built by Baldwin in November 1909, #34035, as Nevada-California-Oregon 9. It was sold to SP as 9 in September 1929 and was donated to Bishop, CA, on April 30, 1960, for display at Laws.

18, Class T, was built by Baldwin in December 1911, #37395, as Nevada-California-Oregon 12. It was sold to SP as 18 on May 11, 1928, and donated to the Eastern California Museum Association at Independence on May 13, 1955.

1, Class EF-700, General Electric, September, 1954, #32266. Sold to Pan American Engineering Co who sold it to Cananea Mining Co. 61-8 in 1961.


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