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Don's Rail Photos

LaSalle & Bureau County RR


The LS&BC served mines in the LaSalle area of northern Illinois, and then became the vehicle for car rental, including a large theft of rail cars from the Penn Central. It later became a switching service on the south side of Chicago when it took over some of the Rock Island trackage out of Blue Island. Here are various pictures taken over the years of this line.

2 was built by Baldwin in 1918. It was later sold to Chicago Gravel Co. where it is shown without any re-lettering.

6, VO660, was built by Baldwin in December 1945, #72828.  It was sold to Standard Gravel Co as Washington-Western RR 6 and renumbered 477.  It was sold to Railway Equipment Co in 1981 as RE 477.

8, S8, was built by Baldwin in October 1951, 75429.

9, VO1000, was  built by Baldwin in November 1945, #74525, as United States Navy 36.  It was sold as LS&BC 9 in 1968 and sold as Transcontinental Terminals 9 in November 1981.

100, GP7, was built by Electro-Motive, February 1953, #17827 as Union Pacific 700. It was renumbered 100 in October 1953. On August 8, 1978, it was retired, and it was sold to Bargains Galore in April 1979. It was purchased by XTRA, who sold it to LS&BC as 100. It later went to the Texas-Northwestern as 100, and then to the Kiamichi RR as 701.  It was sold to Texas North Orient as 701 and sold as Transglobal Rail 701 in May 1998.

202, VO1000u, was built by Baldwin in December 1941, #64260, as St. Louis-San Francisco 202.  It was rebuilt by Electro-Motive. It was sold to Chrome Crankshaft Co. and came to the LS&BC as 202. It was returned to Chrome in 1985.

273, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1954, #19870, as Union Pacific 273. It was retired in August, 1978, and sold to Bargains Galore on February 15, 1979. They immediately sold it to Diesel Electric Service, who sold it to the LS&BC as 273. It later was sold to the Texas-Northwestern as 273. They sold it to the Kiamichi as 900 and sold as Texas North Orient 900.  It was sold to GLNX Corp in July 1995.


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