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Don's Rail Photos

New South Wales Government Railway

State Rail Authority of New South Wales

There are a few sites on the internet hosted by Australians concerning railroads in the US. Since there are a lot of similarities, the cross-ocean interest is understanding. To reciprocate, here are photos of the NSWGR taken some years ago by a trading friend at the time.

1 was built by Robt. Stephenson & Co. in 1855, #958 as Sydney Ry 1. It was retired in 1877 and placed on display at the Sydney Central Station for the Centennial of the railroad.

Class C30T was rebuilt from Class S.

3801, Class C38, was built by Clyde Engineering in 1943, #463.

3806, Class C38, was built by Clyde Engineering in 1943.

3809, Class C38, was built by Clyde Engineering in 1943.

1301, Class CC, was built by Beyer Peacock in 1877, #1624, as Class C.  It was rebuilt in 1896.

Class H.

Class K, built by Clyde Engineering Co. in 1919. The first 100 or so were built as Class K, whereas the last 20 or so were built as Class 55. The original locomotives were renumbered and became Class 55 in 1924.

Class P.

Class S. These became Class C30 in 1924.

Class T. These became Class D50 in 1924.

Class TF. These became Class D53 in 1924.

3528, Class 35, was built by NSWGR in 1917.

Class 36 were 4-6-0s rebuilt in 1954.

Class 57 were 4-8-2s with 3 cylinders built by Clyde Engineering.

Class 59 were 2-8-2s built by Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton in 1952.

Class AD60 were 4-8-4+4-8-4 garrets built by Beyer Peacock in 1952.

I don't have any photos of Class 55 unless it is the same as the Class K above, but here is one in trouble after a broken side rod ditched it about 20 miles north of Sydney.

8061, Class DIM, was built by Commonwealth Engineering in 1982.  It was assigned as Rail Corp in 2004.


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