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Illinois Trolley Lines


Aurora Elgin & Fox River Electric Co.

We have a full page on the Fox River Valley line.

Belvidere City Ry.

Unknown number.

Bloomington & Normal Ry. & Light Co.

8, work car, was rebuilt from a city car.

Bloomington Pontiac & Joliet Electric Ry.

201 "Dwight" was built by American Car Co in 1904.  It was scrapped in 1925.

202 "Pontiac" was built by American Car Co in 1904 as a demonstrator for the St Louis Fair.  It was sold to BP&J in July 1905 and scrapped in 1925.

Bluff City Electric Street Ry.

4 was built by Brill Car Co in 1898.  It became Chicago & Milwaukee Electric Ry 4 in 1898 and later was used as a work car.

Central Electric Railfans Association

 We have a picture of their private car.

Central Illinois Traction Co.

230 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1924.  It was transferred as Chicago & Joliet Electric Ry 250 in 1927 and sold as Jamestown Street Ry 87 in April 1934.  It was retired in 1938 and sold as a shed in 1941.

231 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1924.  It was transferred as C&J 251 in 1927 and sold as JSRy 88 in April 1934.  It was retired in 1938 and sold as a shed in 1941.

Chicago & Interurban Traction Co.

Chicago & Southern Traction Co.

We have a full page on this line.

Chicago & Joliet Electric Ry.

We have a full page on this line.

Chicago & West Towns Ry.

We have a full page on this line.

Chicago Aurora & DeKalb RR

Aurora DeKalb & Rockford Electric Traction Co.

The line was apparently begun in 1901 in steam service as AD&R, In 1906 passenger service was operated with gas cars and went under bankrupt in 1908 and closed. In 1909 it was reorganized as CA&D and electrified in 1910. There 3 passenger cars and 2 freight motors. They also had 2 steam locomotives which were retired after 1911 when all electric was operated. The line was in receivership in 1913 until 1917 and again from 1918 until 1923. Operation was closed on January 31, 1923.


8 was built by Kuhlman in 1907 and sold shortly.

21 was built by American Car in 1910 and retired in 1923.

22 was built by American Car in 1910 and retired in 1923.

24 was built by American Car in 1910. It was taken by Elgin & Belvidere to replace their 205 after the CA&D had wrecked it. It apparently was never used by E&B and scrapped in the late 1930s.

302 was a weed killer.

Chicago Aurora & Elgin


Chicago Hardware Foundry Co.

 They owned a street car and you can find the complete story under North Shore Line 350 Series Cars.

Chicago Harvard & Geneva Lake Ry.

 I have a full page on this line.

Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee


Chicago Ottawa & Peoria Ry.

Chicago & Illinois Valley Ry.

 I have a full page on this line.

Chicago Rapid Transit

Chicago Transit Authority (El Lines)


Chicago Surface Lines

Chicago Transit Authority (Surface Div.)


Commonweath Edison Co.

We have a full page on this power plant company.

East St. Louis & Suburban Ry.

St. Louis & Illinois Suburban Ry.

Alton Granite & St. Louis Traction Co.

This company operated out of St. Louis on the Eads Bridge into East St. Louis and then fanned out on four main routes. It was formed in 1892 and took over the various independent lines in the area. In 1896 the line over the Eads Bridge was built. In 1897 a freight line to Belleville was built and in 1898 a parallel passenger line opened. A branch from it at Edgemont was opened to Collinsville in 1899. A more direct line to Collinsville from East St. Louis opened in 1901 and the line was extended to Edwardsville in 1902. In `1903 a line was built from Edgemont to Lebanon using the former B&O trackage between O'Fallon and Lebanon. In 1905 the line from East St Louis to Alton was opened and the same year there was a connection built between Mitchell and Edwardsville. Freight service, as well as frequent passenger service was provided. In 1922 it was dominated by the North American Company which also owned the Illinois Traction and the two systems came under common control. But by this time the system was on a downward trend and disintegration began. The Alton line was sold to the IT as part of their re-organization into Illinois Terminal. It was operated until 1953 by them except for the Mitchell-Edwardsville line which was abandoned in 1932. The Lebanon line was abandoned in 1928 and part of the line to O'Fallon was taken over by the IT for steam freight service. Also in 1928 the line between Edgemont and Caseyville was abandoned. Collinsville to Edwardsville was also abandoned in 1928. The remaining trackage was abandoned in 1932 except for the freight line to Belleville which had been operating as the St. Louis & Belleville Electric. It was purchased by Union Electric Co and operated until after World War II when they sold it to Peabody Coal and it was operated as the Peabody Short Line and dieselized. In 1961 the line was purchased by the Illinois Central.


19 was part of the Alton line.

73 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1924.  It was transferred as Illinois Terminal RR 473 in February 1935 and sold for scrap to Biermann Iron & Metal Co on July 24, 1959.

01 was a freight motor.

Elgin & Belvidere Electric Co.

We have a full page on this line.

Fox & Illinois Union Railway

This was another of those lines which never should have been built, but which lasted unusually long.

The name indicates the original plan of the promoters, to link the Fox and Illinois Rivers. But the line only succeeded in connecting Yorkville, on the Aurora Elgin & Fox River Electric Ry, and Morris, on the Chicago & Illinois Valley Ry. These lines also connected via the Aurora Plainfield & Joliet which served a more developed area.

The line was built in 1911 and was equipped with 2 combines and 1 freight motor. They were built by McGuire-Cummings and look as if they were inspired by the Illinois Traction System.

On February 3, 1931, passenger service ended. The cars remained until 1933 when they were scrapped. Freight motor 7 was equipped with a gas engine and the line continued under the ownership of the five grain elevators on the line. On February 20, 1938, total abandonment was authorized, but the final run was made on October 21, 1938.

Here are photos of the two passenger cars. They were MU equipped, but there was little chance for both of them to have to be operated as a train.

The freight motor found additional life when it was sold to the Colorado & Southeastern RR which was later renamed Colorado Railroad.

Galesburg Ry Lighting & Power Co.

Illinois Power & Light Co.

7 was built by American Car Co in 1921, #1263.   It became Illinois Power & Light Co 7 in 1923 and transferred as Illinois Terminal RR 170 in 1932. The body became a yard office in the late 1930s and sold to Illinois Railway Museum in June 1957.

The Illinois Central Electric Ry.

There is an excellent site on the history of the line.

The first operation was a gas car.

3 was a gas motor car.

17 was built by American Car Co in October 1912, #954.

Illinois Central RR

I have a full page on the electrified Chicago suburban service.

Illinois Electric Railway Musem

Illinois Railway Museum

We have a full page on this operation.

Illinois Terminal RR


Joliet Plainfield & Aurora RR

Joliet & Southern Traction Co.

Joliet & Eastern Traction Co.

Aurora Plainfield & Joliet Ry.

 I have a page on this group of lines which were under common ownership for 7 years.

Lee County Central Electric Ry.

 I have a full page on this trolley line turned short line.

North Chicago Street RR



Peoria Central Ry.


Peoria Railway Terminal Co.

Peoria & Pekin Terminal Ry.

The Peoria & Pekin Terminal Railway Company began operating electric interurbans on December 14, 1899 from Hamilton and Adams Street in Peoria south to South Bartonville (where the company's office, shop and powerhouse was located). Service was extended to Pekin on April 3, 1900. The company went into receivership because of financial problems on October 17, 1906, and was reorganized on December 17, 1906 as the Peoria Railway Terminal Company and sold under foreclosure on February 9, 1907 to the Chicago Rock Island & Pacific Railroad and the Chicago & Alton Railroad. When the C&A went into bankruptcy on August 3, 1922, the CRI&P took over completely. Outside of street trackage in Peoria, freight service was operated strictly by steam locomotives. The last electric passenger train operated on August 31, 1924 due to the completion of a paved highway from Peoria to Bartonville and Pekin which greatly reduced patronage in favor of the automobile. Afterwards, the line became strictly a freight carrier (however there was a short lived limited steam passenger service to local coal mines before the supply was exhausted). The line continued to operate as a freight line under CRI&P ownership (strictly using CRI&P diesels after 1953) until the CRI&P failed in 1980, after which the C&NW was the high bidder for all remaining trackage in the Peoria area. The remaining Pekin freight trackage at the Corn Products Plant was purchased by the Peoria & Pekin Union Railway.

81 was built by McGuire-Cummings Co.

Rockford & Interurban Ry.

Rockford Public Service Co.

We have a full page on this line. .

Rock Island Southern RR

I have a full page on this abandoned steam and trolley operated railroad.

South Side Elevated RR

54 was built by Baldwin in March 1892, #12563.  It was purchased by The Milwaukee Electric Ry & Light Co with no number for construction at Lakeside Power Plant.  It was displayed for many years but scrapped in 1950 in the Korea War.

Springfield Consolidated Ry.

Illinois Power Co.

Springfield Transportation Co.

81 was built by American Car Co in 1902, #427.  I have had this picture from the early 1950s as Lawrence Electric Ry.  I have never found Lawrence Electric Ry.  Recently I got the American Car builders but the name on the car did not look right.  I looked at a map and found Route 1 was Lawrence-North 9th. 

253 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1920, #1234.  It became Illinois Power Co 253 in 1921 and became Springfield Transportation Co 253 in 1933.  It was sold as Marion Rys 22 in October 1937 and scrapped in 1947.

255 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1920, #1234.  It became IPCo 255 in 1921 and became STCo 255 in 1933.  It was sold as MRys 21 in October 1937 and scrapped in 1947.

Truax-Traer Coal Co.

100, S2M, was built by Alco and converted to straight electric operation.

There is further information on the Illinois Industrial Railroad page.

Walworth Valve Co.

This narrow gauge locomotive was preserved in the front yard of a former employee.


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