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Joliet Plainfield & Aurora RR

Joliet & Southern Traction Co.

Joliet & Eastern Traction Co.

Aurora Plainfield & Joliet Ry.


This group of lines was part of the outer belt of trolley lines around the Chicago area. For several years they were under common ownership and are thus treated together.

The first construction was the JP&A between Joliet and Plainfield in 1903. In 1904 the line was completed to Aurora. In 1907 the line was purchased by the newly formed Joliet & Southern which had big plans to connect Chicago and St. Louis. They also owned the Bloomington Pontiac & Joliet. They only thing they ever built was a line from Joliet to Chicago Heights in 1909.

In 1914 the J&S went bankrupt. The Joliet-Aurora line became the AP&J and the Chicago Heights line became the J&E. Neither operation was profitable. The J&E was abandoned in 1923 when they would have been required to make a substantial investment in a new bridge over the IC at Matteson. The AP&J followed in September 1924. Two cars from the J&E were sold to the Sand Springs RR in Oklahoma.

50 was built by American Car Co in 1907 and served the local line in Joliet.

111 was built by American Car Co in March 1904 as 11.  It was renumbered 111 in 1909.

113 was built by American Car Co in March 1904 as 13.  It was renumbered 113 in 1909.

17 was built by American Car Co in August 1905.  It was destroyed at the EJ&E crossing in 1908/

120 was built by American Car Co in 1909, #794.

"Louisiana" was built by American Car Co in 1905 for a display at the St Louis World Fair.  It was purchased by JP&A and later burned at Walker Siding.

There was a weed sprayer but no other information.

Plainfield was the most important line on the route.

The DuPage River was crossed at Plainfield.

JP&A had a station called Six Corners, but it is not the better know location in Chicago.


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