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Consumers Company


One of the large aggregate suppliers in the Chicago is or was the Consumers Company with a number of gravel pits surrounding Chicago. They operated steam until the late 1950s at various locations. It also seems as if there was no order to their numbers, and there were duplications between pits. For this reason, I will divide this by pit location.

Afton, Wisconsin

16 looks to be a Cooke locomotive.

23 looks very similar, but with the domes it could be a Porter.

30 is probably a Porter.

Algonquin, Illinois

1 was built by Alco-Cooke in March, 1923, #64228.

106-1 was a 44 Ton General Electric, June, 1946, #28490. It came from Union Freight RR where it was 1 in December, 1953. Later it was sold to Dolese & Shepard Co.

Cary, Illinois

23 was built by Baldwin and seems to be the only tender locomotive other than the 701.

26 was built by Porter 1924 #6856. It later became Vulcan Materials as 26.

106-2 was a 44 Ton General Electric, June, 1946, #28491. It came from Union Freight RR in December, 1953, where it was 2. It later became Vulcan Materials as 21611.

106-6, Flexmobile 65T, was built by Plymouth in 1947, #5006.

Ives, Wisconsin

3299 doesn't fit any other category as far as numbers or builder identity.

No number, GM35, was built by Davenport in 1942, #2448, as United States Army 7553.  It was sold as CCC no number.

Mount Carmel, Illinois

106B had an unusual number.

106-5 was a 44 Ton General Electric, built June, 1946, #28494. was formerly Union Freight RR 5, acquired in December, 1953. It later became Vulcan Materials 4687 and was retired by them in December, 1970. They sold it to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive where it became 113.

South Beloit, Illinois

2, GE15, was built by Davenport in 1929, #2106, as a demonstrator.  It was sold as Dewey Portland Cement Co 2 and later sold as CCC 2

22 appears to be another Cooke.

26 may be the same.

701 was built by Alco in March, 1914, #54627 as Chicago & Illinois Western 701. It was sold to Clapp Riley & Hall Equipment Co., who sold it to Consumers Co. It is now at the Mid-Continent Rail Museum at North Freedom, WI.


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