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Don's Rail Photos

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Connecticut Trolleys

Branford Electric Ry.

34 was built by Jackson & Sharp in 1899, #1249, as Lynchburg Traction & Light Co 34.  It was sold as Five Mile Beach Electric Ry 34 in 1929 and sold to BERA in 1946.  It has been restored as LT&L 34.

0245 was Connecticut Co 0245.  It was acquired as BERA 0245 and was apparently scrapped.

Connecticut Company

Open Cars.

Wood Closed Cars.

Steel Closed Cars.

Freight and Non-revenue Equipment.

 Danbury & Bethel Street Ry.

44 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1919, #1188, as St Louis Car Co no number demonstrator.  It was sold as D&BSRy 44 in 1919 and sold as Bush Terminal RR 1 in 1927.  It was retired in 1933.

Danbury Horse RR

"Danbury" was built by Pullman  in 1888.  It was discontinued in October 1889.  When it was taken over by Connecticut  Ry & Lighting in 1900, it was put on display at the Pine Rock Grove.  It was put into storage in 1914 after it had been damaged.  It was protected and taken over by the New Haven RR in 1928.  It was cometically restored and put on fairs for 20 years.  In 1950 it was sold to the Danbury Fair and sold to Branford Electric Railway Museum in 1982.  It was totally restored by 1987.

Hartford & Wethersfield Horse RR


Manufacturers RR

1 was built by General Electric in 1893, #1437, for General Electric for the Columbian Exposition.  It was sold as MRR 1 in 1893 and became New York New Haven & Hartford RR 1.  It was rebuilt by GE in 1901, #1607, and sold as Joe Cushing RR 1 in 1905.  It was purchased by GE for preservation in 1948 and given to National Museum of Transportation in 1964.

Shore Line Electric Ry.

5 was built by Jewett Car Co in 1910.

7 was built by Jewett Car Co in 1910. When that line abandoned in 1920, it came to Iowa as Charles City Western Ry 53. It was scrapped in 1954.



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