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Chicago Burlington & Quincy



35 was built at Aurora by CB&Q in 1892, as Hannibal & St Joseph RR 66.  It was renumbered 666 in 1898 and became CB&Q 359 in June 1901.  It was renumbered 35 for the Century of Progress in 1933.  It was leased as Union Pacific 119 during the Railroad Fair in 1948.  It was donated to Patee House Museum in July 1970..

148, Class A-1, was built by Rhode Island in 1889, #2185, as Burlington & Missouri River 228.  It became CB&Q 148, Class A-1, in 1904.

379, Class A-2. was built by Rhode Island in March 1886, #1630, as Chicago Burlington & Northern 3. It was renumbered 918 in 1898 and became CB&Q 64, Class A-1, in 1904. It was rebuilt at Galesburg in 1916 as 379, Class A-2. It was sold to Atlantic Northern as 2 in June 1929 and to Manchester & Oneida as 6 in 1936.


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