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Don's Rail Photos

 Central of Georgia

Steam Locomotives


56, Class S-1, was built by Baldwin.

60, Class S-1, was built by Baldwin in 1904.




215 was built by Baldwin in 1907, #32013.  It was sold as Gainesville Midland RR 116.


300 was built by Rogers in August 1893, #4908, as Illinois Central 438, a 2-6-0.  It was rebuilt in 1920 as 1450, 2-6-4T, and sold as CofG 300 in November 1926.

349, Class E, was built by Baldwin in 1891, #11994. 

405, Class T, was built by Rogers in 1902.  It was modified in about 1925 with the addition of a thermic syphon which improved steaming and fuel economy.

406, Class T, was built by Rogers in 1902.  It was rebuilt in 1925.

477, Class MT, was built by Alco-Richmond in 1923.

620, Class MacArthur, was built by Lima.

701, Class J-1, was built by Baldwin in October 1925, #58792.  It was retired in 1952.

771, Class J-3, was built by Alco-Schenectady in June 1916, #55550, as Illinois Central 2601.  It was sold as CG 771, Class J-3, in March 1926.

1501 was built by Baldwin in January 1881, #5892, as Central RR & Banking of Georgia 109 "Madison".  It was consolidated as CG 1501 in October 1895 and sold to Birmingham Rail & Locomotive Co.  It was sold as Buck Creek Lumber Co 14 in September 1910 and resold as Empire Lumber Co 14 in 1912.  It was sold as W T Smith Lumber Co 14 on October 1920.  The company was purchased by Union Camp in April 1966 and donated to George Eastwood for Pike Pioneer Museum.


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