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Don's Rail Photos

Washington & Old Dominion Ry.


This railroad started as a steam road and ended as a diesel road with trolley operation in between. The original line was built in 1858 from Alexandria to Leesburg and was extended several times until it reached Bluemont in 1900. It was owned by the Southern Ry. and predecessors. In 1912 it was leased by the W&OD and electrified. It was merged with the Great Falls & Old Dominion, which had been built as an electric line in 1906.

Freight was always a major part of the operation, but passenger service developed as a suburban operation until the automobile eroded it. Finally the last interurbans ran in 1941. Most freight service was dieselized. In 1943, however, public pressure forced the railroad back into passenger service using gas electric cars. The last of the electric equipment was sold off by 1947, and the last of the passenger service ended in 1951. Freight service continued with diesels.

Sometime in the 1930s, the W&OD bought the trackage from the Southern. In 1956, the W&OD was sold to the Chesapeake & Ohio who kept the road independent for several years.

25 was build by W&OD in 1917.  It was sold to the Hagerstown & Frederick as 9 in 1944  and was retired in 1955.

26 was built by W&OD.

41 was built by Southern Car Co.

42 was built by Southern Car Co.

43 was built by Southern Car Co.

44 was built by Southern Car Co.

45 was built by Mack in March, 1928, #161001, using an Osgood-Bradley body, Order Number 9116. It started out as a demonstrator, M-200, but was sold to the New York Central as M-14. In 1943, it went to the W&OD.

46 was built by Saint Louis Car Co in April 1926, #1403, Electro-Motive in August 1926, #155, as Mobile & Ohio 1801.  It became Gulf Mobile & Ohio 1801 in 1940 and sold as W&OD 46 in 1946.

50 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in October, 1920, #53784. In 1947, it became Cedar Rapids & Iowa City 58. In 1955, it was sold to the Kansas City Kaw Valley RR as 507. In 1962, it became Iowa Terminal RR 53, and it was renumbered 50 in 1963. It is now Iowa Traction RR 50.

52 was built by Brill in 1928, #22544, as NYC M-403.  It was sold as W&OD 52 in October 1944.

55 was a 75DE12c built by Canadian Locomotive Co in January, 1949, #2426, as Canadian National 7818. Class Q-7-a. They rejected it along with others which went to the Rock Island. It was rebuilt by Whitcomb in November, 1950, #60829, for the W&OD. It was later sold to Streigel Supply & Equipment Co., who sold it to George R. Silcott Co., who sold it to R. B. Hornberger, who sold it to Dravo Corp. as 442.012 in 1970.

57 was a 70 Ton built by General Electric in March, 1956, #32509. It was later sold to Streigel Supply & Equipment Co.


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