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Washington Trolley Lines


Kings County Department of Transportation

We have a full page on the Waterfront Trolley.

Seattle Electric Ry.


Seattle Monorail Services

Two trains, one green and one red, were built by Alweg in 1961.

Seattle Municipal Ry.

Seattle Transit Co.

Metro Transit


372 was built by St Louis Car Co 1899 and came from Third Avenue RR.  It was scrapped in 1940.




657 was built by Twin Coach in 1940.  It was scrapped in 1978.  It was sold to an individual to be saved, but it was sent into the scrap pile in error.  Too late.

Fremont Car House.

Seattle Street Ry.

One of the lines which later was taken over by the Seattle Electric Ry.

Spokane Coeur d'Alene & Palouse Ry.

We have a full page on this Great Northern subsidiary.  



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