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Gainesville Midland RR


This road was opened in 1904 between Gainesville and Athens, Georgia. It came under the control of the Seaboard Air Line RR and is now a part of CSX.

203 was built by Baldwin in 1928, #60342, as Alabama Tennessee & Northern 402. It is now preserved at the Southeastern Railway Museum.

206 was built by Alco-Brooks in March 1918, #58902, for the Imperial Russian State Rys E1198.  It was taken as United States Railroad Administration 1088 and sold as Wheeling & Lake Erie 1088 in April 1918.  It was resold as Detroit Toledo & Ironton 311 in 1920 and resold as Seaboard Air Line 544 in January 1935. It later went to the GM as 206 and donated to NRHS Atlanta in 1965.  It was sold in 1979 in North Carolina Transportation Museum and was restored as SAL 544.

208 was built by Baldwin in 1930, #61230, and was formerly Seaboard Air Line 530, Class D-3. It is now on display at Winder, GA.


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