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Don's Rail Photos

Grand Trunk Western

Electro-Motive GP18 Diesels

4702, Class GR-18a, was built in February 1960, #25734, FN 5612-3.  It was sold as South Central Florida Express RR 9021 in 1998.

4704, Class GR-18a, was built in March 1960, #25736, FN 5612-5.

4950, Class GRG-18b, was built in March 1960, #25740, FN 5613-1.  It was sold as Southeastern Michigan Transit Authority 903 and was sold to Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority as 903 on February 10, 1987.  It was sold to Naporano Iron & Metal in October 1994 and scrapped in 1995.

4952, Class GRG-18b, was built in March 1960, #25742, FN 5613-3. It was sold as SEMTA 904. It was sold to MBTA as 904 on February 10, 1987.



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