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Route 10


WELLS had a somewhat complex history. In 1897 to began at Lake Park Depot, west of Folsom (Locust), south on Glen (Downer), west on Bradford, south on Farwell, west on Ogden, south on Jackson, west on Mason, south on Water, west on Grand (Wisconsin Avenue), north on 11th, and west on Wells to 36th where connection was made with the Milwaukee & Wauwatosa Motor Ry which was a steam dummy line.

Oakland Avenue Branch ran south on Oakland from Burleigh, east on Park, south on Murray, and then following the main route to 36th & Wells. This trackage was replaced by Route 15 in 1898.

Downer Branch ran from Folsom north on Glen (Downer) to Downer College at Hartford Ave. In 1898 it was extended north to Newton Avenue.

In 1898 through service was provided to Wells and Hawley Road over the former steam road trackage and Lake Park Depot was bypassed. It was served in summer only. In 1899 service was added from 52nd & Wells to Calvary Cemetery and Hawley Road and on Downer the line was extended to Mineral Rd (Capitol Dr.)

In 1901 the Wauwatosa branch was extended west on Wells from Hawley to 59th (68th), north to Motor Avenue, west on private right-of-way to Main (Harwood) and then on Harwood and Watertown Plank Road to County Buildings. The West Allis branch continued west from Calvary Cemetery on Fairview to 62nd (70th) and south to Greenfield.

In 1920 the route name was changed to WELLS-DOWNER. Service in West Allis was extended west on Greenfield, south on 76th, and west on Lapham to Woodlawn. In 1926 it was extended west on private right-of-way to West Junction. Partial one-man service began in 1926 and was completed in 1927. In 1928 the Fairview Avenue trackage was replaced by private right-of-way next to the Rapid Transit line. In 1933, trackage north of Farwell and North was replaced by bus, and the route name was changed to WELLS-FARWELL.

In 1936 the Wauwatosa branch was cut back to Harwood Avenue.

In 1939 the West Allis trackage from 92nd to West Junction was abandoned, and in 1943 service west of 70th was replaced by Route 18.

All service ended on March 2, 1958, and was replaced by buses.

The north end of the line along Jackson turned to the west on Wells.  The St John Cathedral was at the corner and there was a long reconstruction.

Between 2nd and 5th, track was shared with the North Shore.

There was a handy siding at 38th.  This was a good spot before the trestle.  When fantrips were run, they would let regulars run around.

The valley was jumped between 38th and 43rd.

There was a problem with drivers at the trestle.

The Wauwatosa branch followed along the Milwaukee Road.

NRHS had a special group of cars at the end of the service.

In downtown Wauwatosa, there was a transfer with Route 17, but there was no track connection. The car in the foreground is a Route 17 car and the car on the hill in the background is on the line to County Buildings.

The West Allis branch turned off Wells at 52nd onto private right-of-way. The first crossing was Wisconsin Avenue.

It crossed Bluemound Road and my dad's cousin had a neat restaurant.  That was it in the back scene.

The right of way was shared with the Rapid Transit and there was a spur for the base ball stadium.  It stopped east of Hawley Rd.

At 68th, the Rapid Transit right of way was left to to to downtown West Allis.

The line crossed over the Milwaukee Road Air Line tracks.

After 1943 the line ended at 70th and Greenfield.


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