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In 1897 NATIONAL-WALNUT started at Wauwatosa at State on Harwood, 73rd, and Pabst (Lloyd) east to 35th, south to Walnut, east to 3rd, south on 3rd, West Water (Plankinton), and Reed (2nd) to National, west to Soldier's Home. Cars also operated west on National and Greenfield to 70th, but this was discontinued in 1898. Also in 1898, service west of 27th and Walnut was replaced by the Chestnut Street line. In 1899, National Avenue was cut back to 22nd (27th). In 1900 the Wauwatosa service was transferred back to Route 17, and in 1901 service to Soldier's Home was restored. In 1903, the trackage on Walnut from 24th to 35th was replaced by track on Pabst (Lisbon). In 1912 a branch was opened on Pabst (Lloyd) and Appleton Ave to Wanderer's Rest Cemetery. In 1914 the line south of downtown was replaced by other lines and route 17 looped on 3rd, W Water, and Sycamore and the line was named LISBON AVENUE. In 1925 LISBON-WISCONSIN operated to 7th, south to State, east to 6th, south to Grand (West Wisconsin), east to C&NW depot. Two weeks later the route was changed from 7th and 6th Streets to 12th and 11th Streets. The line was one-manned in 1926. Also in 1926 the Wanderer's Rest branch was replaced by buses. In 1933, the Wauwatosa line was cut back to 60th and Lloyd. In 1939, tracks on Walnut and Lisbon were abandoned between 12th and 27th and the line was moved to State Street. In 1946 the line was cut back to 43rd and Lloyd and in 1947 it was discontinued west of 27th and State. The line now became STATE-WISCONSIN. It was completely replaced by bus on November 26, 1950.

In downtown Wauwatosa, there was a transfer with Route 10, but there was no track connection. The car in the foreground is a Route 17 car and the car on the hill in the background is on Route 10 to County Buildings.


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