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Tennessee Trolley Lines


Bristol Street Car Co.

No number.

Chattanooga Traction Co.



Knoxville Power & Light Co.


379 was built by Perley Thomas Co in 1930, #142.  It was sold to Waterloo Cedar Falls & Northern Ry  as 381 in 1948 and retired in 1958.  It was preserved by City of Waterloo and transferred to Midwest Electric Railway Museum in 1972.

Memphis Area Transit Authority 

We have a full page on this heritage trolley line.

Memphis Street Railway

I have no roster on these cars, but they appear to have been well maintained right to the end.

302 and 331 were built by St Louis Car in 1923.

616 and 618 were built by St Louis Car in 1923.

1138 was built by Pullman-Standard in 1947.

Nashville InterurbanRy.

Nashville-Franklin Ry.

102 was built by Cincinnati Car Co in June 1929, #3010.  It became Nashville-Franklin Ry 102 in 1933 and sold as Georgia Power Co 495 "Peter Caldwell" in 1941.

104 was built by Cincinnati Car Co in August 1929, #3030, as Indianapolis & Southeastern RR 255.  It was sold as N-FRy 104 in 1932 and resold as Georgia Power Co 496 "John B Gordon" in 1941.

Tennessee Electric Power Co.

Southern Coach Co.

This company operated street railways in Nashville and Chattanooga. Final operation was under the Southern Coach ownership.

I do not have roster information on this company.

1 and 16.

83, 86 and 88.

131 thru 140 were built by Lightweight Noiseless Car Co in 1926 for Chattanooga. Limited maintenance in later years is apparent.

361 and 362 were built by St Louis Car in 1904.

426 and 430.

600 thru 609 were built by Lightweight Noiseless Car Co in 1926 for Nashville.

Thanks to Cliff Scholes for additional information.



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