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21, track geometry car, was built by Pullman in 1924 as Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 32, as business car.  It was renumbered 55 and retired in 1982.  It was rebuilt as a track geometry car to Conrail 21.  It became Norfolk Southern 36.

22, rail analyzer car, was built by Pullman-Standard on April 20, 1939, #6567, as Southern Pacific 400 "American Milemaster", observation.  It was renumbered 9500 in November 1949 and rebuilt in 1957.  It was sold to General Motors Corp as ET800 (locomotive test car) in 1965 and became Conrail 22 in February 1985. 

80091 was built in August 1934.

MW1037 was a jet snow blower.

Q1, test bed, was built by Electro-Motive in May 1968, #33947, as Erie Lackawanna 3632, Class MFE-36D-6.  It became Conrail 6097, Class SD-45. in April 1976 and retired in August 1986.  It became Q1 and later Norfolk Southern Q1

Bunk car.

Track Machine.


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