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Minnesota Trolley Lines


Duluth-Superior Traction Co.

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Interstate Iron Co.

207 was built by General Electric in 1930, #11389.  It was sold as Waterloo Cedar Falls & Northern 207 in 1947 and retired in 1957.

208 was built by General Electric in 1930, #11390.  It was sold as WCF&N 208 in 1947 and retired in 1957.

209 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in September 1912, #38298, as Portland Eugene & Eastern 102. In 1915 it became Southern Pacific 202 and in 1942 it was sold to IICo as their 209. In 1944 it came to the WCF&N as 187 and was scrapped in 1957.

210 was built by Baldwin-Westinghouse in August 1912, #38154, as PE&E 101.  In 1915 it became SP 201 and sold as IICo 210 in 1942.  It was sold as WCF&N 186 in 1944 and scrapped in 1957.

Mesaba Railway

This line was opened in December 1912 between Hibbing and Gilbert, 36 miles. It was owned and financed primarily by Boston interests. In 1919 thru 1921, 8 miles of new track were built between Chisholm and Hibbing and between North Hibbing and South Hibbing due to mining expansion. The road was profitable until 1920 when revenue began to fall due to concrete highway construction. The railroad was placed in receivership in 1924 and abandoned on April 16, 1927.

10 was built by Niles Car in 1912 and scrapped in 1927.

Northern States Power Co.

NSPCo had power and transit lines in Minnesota, western Wisconsin, upper Michigan, and the Dakotas.

Twin City Rapid Transit Co.

Standard Cars.

Lightweight Cars.


Non-revenue Cars.

University of Minnesota

Twin City Rapid Transit 1267 was built at Snelling Shops in September 1907, as Class H-6.  It was rebuilt as Class I-8 in 1928   It was given to Seashore Electric Ry in 1953.



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