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Route 19


In 1897 3RD ST-22ND AVE ran from Green Bay and Keefe on Green Bay, 3rd St, Sycamore (W Michigan), W Water (Plankinton), Reed (S 2nd), Greenfield, to 22nd Ave (Layton Blvd). In 1900 the line was extended to 26th Ave (31st St) via Beloit Road which no longer exists in that area. In 1905 the line was extended on 26th Ave to Burnham St. In 1907 Beloit Road was closed and the trackage was rerouted via Greenfield and 26th. City cars operated to 31st & Burnham and suburban cars of the East Troy and Burlington interurban lines operated west to Hawley Road (60th Street). In 1910 the line became 3RD-BURNHAM with service to 37th Ave (42nd St) and in 1913 the city cars ran to Hawley Road. In 1924 the line was extended on the north end from Green Bay and Keefe on Green Bay and 7th to Vienna Ave. In July 1931 the south end service was extended from Hawley Road to 76th & Becher and in October to 84th & Becher. In 1933 the north end was rerouted off 7th to Atkinson Ave to Teutonia. A further extension on Atkinson to 27th was planned, and rails were layed but never used.

On March 29, 1948, service was discontinued from 3rd and Michigan to 3rd and Burleigh. On April 5 service was discontinued between 27th and Greenfield to 31st and Burnham. The line was now operating in three segment. On October 3 service was removed on Greenfield from 27th to 11th. On October 10 the north end service was replace by trolley buses. On February 20, 1949, trolley buses operated on Greenfield and Burnham to 42nd. On May 26 the last cars ran between 33rd and 84th on Burnham and Becher, replaced by through trackless trolley service.

At Atkinson & 7th was the Northside Station which was a substation.

There was a portable crossing set up at 33rd on Burnham from March 29, 1948, to May 26, 1949.

38th had a saloon which had a Television available for it's customers.

There was a crossing at 42nd where the Milwaukee Road belt line crossed.  In 1951 I worked at the office in the building at the left of the picture.

During WWII, General Electric built a large factory to manufacture superchargers on McGeogh Street (we called it McGooch). TM built a spur line on the east side of the street to a loop at the plant gate. Service was discontinued when the war ended, but the south end of the track was not pulled up until 1947.

The switches were removed quickly from Burnham and the tracks were cemented.

The first view is of a small bridge about midway on the line. The second view is from the small bridge looking south. The loop began just past the nachod signal and the factory is in the background. The third view is looking north from the loop towards the nachod signal and bridge. The fourth view looks south into the loop.

Between 43rd and 52nd, Burnham Street was in wide open spaces. Paving was minimal, and the cars, especially the 600s, were able to really get a wheel on.

Civilization began again at 52nd.

At 60th transfer could be made to the Route 65 West Allis circulator bus line. There was also a crossover between 60th and 61st.

Between 62nd and Burnham and 67th and Becher was a stretch of private right-of-way which passed under the Chicago & North Western.

After the line was abandoned it was torn up using D16.

Becher Street was primarily residential with some small businesses at various corners.

The route ended at 84th where there had been a wye. The track continued west for interurban service to Burlington and East Troy prior to the construction of the Rapid Transit Line. A single track ran north on 84th to the West Allis Car Barn. The marks in the pavement were still visible in 1948 but the track made a simple turn north on 84th at that time. The contactor for the Nachod signal can be seen above the car in the photo.

The single track on 84th Street ran on a residential street and was quite scenic. There was a small bridge over a creek near Becher, and an underpass under the C&NW which was shared by National Avenue. The track ended at Lapham and the West Allis Car Barn.


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