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Northwest Steel & Wire Co.


This steel mill converted many locomotive and rail cars into steel wire and forms. They used a number of the locomotives as switchers until they wore out, and then they scrapped them. The final operation was by diesel. I do not have the date the plant was closed.

14 was built by Schenectady-Alco in June 1924, #65632, as Grand Trunk Western 8314, Class P-5-b. It was sold as NWS&W 14 in September 1961 and scrapped in 1970.

27 was built by Lima in April 1927, #7222, as GTW 8327, Class P-5-c. It was sold to NWS&W as 27 in March 1960 and is now preserved as GTW 8327 at Bandana Square, St Paul, MN.

28 was built by Lima in April 1927, #7223, as GTW 8328, Class P-5-c. It was sold to NWS&WCo as 28 in May 1960 and scrapped in 1988.

73 was built by Baldwin in 1929, #61004, as GTW 8373, Class P-5-g. It was renumbered 73 when sold to NWS&W and is now displayed at the P W Dillon Museum in Sterling, IL. This locomotive holds the title of "The Last Daily Fired Steam Locomotive in the USA".  The fire was dropped for the last time in December 1980.

74 was built by Baldwin in 1929, #61005, as GTW 8374, Class P-5-g. It was sold to NWS&W as 74 in 1960 and was stored derelict at Galt, IL.  It was purchased by Ken Marks and was moved to Geneva, NE, in March 2006.  It is getting a cosmetic restore at Aero Manufacturing Co.

80 was built by Baldwin in 1929, #61011, as 8380, Class P-5-g. It was sold to NWS&WCo as 80 in 1961. It is now preserved at Illinois Railway Museum as GTW 8380.

5, TR2A, was built by Electro-Motive in November 1949, #8506, as Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9411A.  It became Burlington Northern 568, Class NW-2, in 1970 and sold as Northwestern Steel & Wire Co 5 in May 1983.  It was sold as Texas Crushed  Stone Co 514.


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