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4403, Class GS-1, was built by Baldwin in June 1930, #61413.  It was transferred as Texas & New Orleans 709, Class GS-1, on November 6, 1943, and returned as SP 4471, Class GS-1, on October 112, 1952.  It was renumbered 4403, Class GS-1, on July 8, 1953.  It was retired on June 6, 1955, and sold for scrap to Purdy Co on August 15, 1955.

4422, Class GS-3, was built by Lima in November 1937, #4422.  It was retired on November 29, 1957, and sold for scrap to Finkelstein Metals Co on May 20, 1959.

4449, Class GS-4, was built by Lima in May 1941, #7817. It was retired October 2, 1957, and placed on display at Portland, OR, on April 24, 1958. It was removed from display on December 14, 1974, and rebuilt to serve as American Freedom Train Foundation 4449 on April 21, 1975. After that service it was restored as SP 4449.

4471, Class GS-1, was built by Baldwin in May 1930, #61391. as T&NO 701, Class GS-1.  It was transferred as SP 2nd 4400, Class GS-1, on January 23, 1953, and renumbered 4471 on July 3, 1953.  It was retired on December 16, 1955, and scrapped at Los Angeles on January 20, 1956.

4479, Class GS-7, was built by Baldwin in July 1930, #61422, as St Louis South-Western 801, Class L-1.  It was transferred as SP 4479, Class GS-7, on August 4, 1952, and scrapped at Bayshore on March 28, 1955.


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