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Chicago Great Western

Rolling Stock

99 was built by Pullman in 1905 as Butte Copper Mining Co 2001.  It was sold as CGW 99 in 1926 and purchased by a member of Illinois Railway Museum in 1965.

100 was built by Pullman in November 1925, #4923, as Pullman Co "Monte Cristo".  It was sold as CGW 100, business car, and sold as Kansas City Southern 99 "Tolmac".  It was renamed "New Orleans".

200 was built at West Milwaukee and came from The Milwaukee Road.

278 was a tank car.

285 was built by Pressed Steel Co in 1931 as Chesapeake & Ohio 471.  It was sold as CGW 285 and renumbered 4061.  It was acquired by IRM.




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