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9 was built as Texas & Pacific 1.  It was renumbered 9 and became MP 9.  It was sold Belton RR and sold to individual to be restored as T&P 1.


493, coach, was built by Pullman-Standard as Chesapeake & Ohio 1603 "Elk Lake", parlor car.  It was sold as Missouri Pacific 755 and rebuilt as 493, a coach.  It was sold as Central RR of New Jersey 333 and became New Jersey Transit 333.

497, coach, was built by American Car & Foundry as International-Great Northern 853.  It became MP 497 and sold as CNJ 334.  It became NJT 334.

11036 was built at Sedalia in 1951 as 1231.  It was renumbered 11036 and later renumbered 13036.  It was assigned Union Pacific Class CA-23.

12140 was built by Texas & Pacific in Marshall in 1929.  It was rebuilt at Sedalia in 1971 as MP 12140 and is display at Palestine, TX.


13085 was built as Texas & Pacific 2520.  It became MP 13085 and sold as Lake Superior & Ishpeming 2.  It was sold to Wisconsin & Michigan RR 2 in 1993, but the project failed.



13521 was sold as Dallas Garland & NorthEastern RR 13521.

13626 was built by International Car Corp in 1973, as T&P 13626.  It was assigned Union Pacific Class CA-31.

13831 is on display at Weatherford, TX.






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