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"St Croix River" was built by Pullman-Standard in 1947, #6751, as Great Northern 1175 "Oberlin Glacier".  It was rebuilt as 1198 "Manitoba Club" in 1952 and became BN "St Croix River" in 1970.  It was sold to several people after 1981 and sent to Milwaukee Rail Car in 1984.  It was completed in 1985 as "North Star" #800289 by North Rail Car Co.  It was sold to St Louis Car Co and later to North Star Charters Inc in 1990.  It was sold to Florida East Coast RR in 2006.

A4 "Yellowstone River" was built by Pullman-Standard as Northern Pacific "Yellowstone River".  It became BN A4 "Yellowstone River" in 1970 and became Burlington Northern Santa Fe "Yellowstone River" in 1996.

A6 "Missouri River" was built by Pullman-Standard in 1955 as NP "Yakima River"  It became BN A6 "Missouri River" in 1970 and became BNSF 4 "Missouri River" in 1996.  The siding was replaced with corrugated chrome.

A8 "Kootenai River" was built by Pullman-Standard as Great Northern A4.  It was renumbered A3 and became Burlington Northern A8 "Kooatenai River" in 1970.  It was renamed A8 "Canadian River" and became BNSF "Canadian River" in 1996.

A9 "Meremac River" was built as St Louis-San Francisco 1086, a coach.  It was rebuilt as 646, a diner, and rebuilt as business car "St Louis".  The name was removed and became 2.  It was sold as BN A9 "Meremac River" in December 1980 and became BNSF "James J Hill" in 1996.  It was rebuilt at Topeka and returned in July 2013.


A30 "Snoqualmie Pass" was built by Pullman in 1964 as Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 3831.  It was sold as DL&W DLWX 138 and sold as BN A30 "Snoqualmie Pass".  It became BNSF 51 "Snoqualmie Pass".

A31 "Fox River" was built by Pullman in 1955 as Southern Pacific 3703.  It was sold as Transisco Tours "Club High Sierra" and sold as BN A31 "Fox River".  It became BNSF 40 "Fox River".

8 was an air car,

RCU 107 was built in June 1951, #14274, FN 3092-B11, as Northern Pacific 6018B, F7B.  It became BN 749, Class F-7, in 1970 and rebuilt in April 1972 as Remote Control Unit 107. 

1290 "Appekunny Mountain" was built by American Car & Foundry in October 1950, as GN 1290 "Appekunny Mountain".  It became BN 1200 "Appekunny" in 1970 and sold as Grant Supply Co 1290 "Appekunny Mountain".  It was sold as Arizona & California 1 "Appekunny Mountain" and transferred as California Northern RR 100 "Appekunny Mountain".

(1443) was built by Budd in 1954 as NP 213.  It was painted for leasing to Illinois Central in 1965 and 1967.  It was assigned as BN 1443 in 1970 but never applied and became Amtrak 9214.  It was sold as Inland Pacific Rail "Yellowstone Park" in January 1993.

4735 "Silver Buckle" was built by Budd in 1956 as Chicago Burlington & Quincy 4735 "Silver Buckle".  It became BN 4735 in 1970 and sold to Amtrak as 9457.  It was retired in 1981 and sold to John Caestecker as PPCX 800604 "Silver Splendor" in 1997.





12023 was built by Pacific Car & Foundry in September 1975.





12359 was built in June 1980.  It was sold as Grainbelt Corp 101 "Washita Princess".

972567, Rotary Snow Power Unit, was built by Electro-Motive in February 1954, #19056, FN 3175-A1, as Northern Pacific 6700A, F9A. It became BN 9800, Class P-9, in 1970, and later became 766, Class F-9. It was rebuilt in November 1981 as 972567, RSPU, and again rebuilt in September 1990 as BN-1, Class F9-2A, completed on October 3, 1990.  It was donated to Illinois Railway Museum in 1997.

972574, RSPU, was built by Electro-Motive in August 1954, #19749, FN 3179-B2, as NP 7002C, F9B.  It became BN 809, Class F-9, in 1970 and retired in November 1982.  It was rebuilt as 972574, rotary power car, and rebuilt at West Burlington in October 1990 as BN-2, Class F9B-2.  It was donated to Illinois Railway Museum in 1997.

927570, RSPU, was built by Electro-Motive in March 1956, #21107, FN 3189A-4, as NP 7011D, F9A.  It was renumbered 6704C on April 11, 1966, and became BN 9818, Class P-9, in 1970.  It was renumbered 784, Class F-9, in July 1973 and rebuilt as RSPU 927570 in December 1981.  It became BNSF 927570.

927571, RSPU, was built by Electro-Motive in September 1954, #19740, FN 3179A-3, as NP 7003A, F9A.  It became BN 812, Class F-9, in 1970 and rebuilt as RSPU 927571 in December 1981.  It became BNSF 927571.


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