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1 was built by Columbus Chicago & Indiana Central RR in August 1882 as 423.  It became Chicago St Louis & Pittsburg RR 423 in March 1983 and became Pittsburgh Cincinnati Chicago & St Louis Ry 423 in October 1890.  It was renumber 543 in August 1899 and sold as Ohio River & Charleston Ry 5 in March 1900.  It became South & Western Ry5 in January 1905 and became Carolina Clinchfield & Ohio Ry 5 in April 1908.  It was sold as Black Mountain Ry 1 in April 1913 and sold as Clinchfield RR 1 in April 1955.  It was donated to City of Erwin in October 1955 and returned back to Clinchfield.  It was donated to the B&O Museum in May 1981.










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