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United Railroads of San Francisco

Market Street Railway

1 12 series cars


These 12 cars were known locally as "Big Subs", and began life as part of an order of 22 cars for the Philadelphia and Western Railway. The order was placed with St Louis Car in 1905 and was completed in 1906. The 22 cars were to be numbered 1 to 22 and would have been P&Ws initial order of passenger cars, but fate would have it otherwise. The San Francisco fire and earthquake of April 18, 1906 left the United Railroads short of cars. President Pat Calhoun of the URR went east to several car builders looking for any available cars. Sixteen cars (12 motors and 4 trailers) went to the URR of San Francisco. The other six cars were sent to Erie RR's Rochester Division where they became 3100 to 3105. While the cars were en route to San Francisco, the 4 trailers were sold to the Northern Electric (predecessor of the Sacramento Northern).


The 12 URR cars operated on the San Mateo line from 1906 until the autumn of 1923 and then were placed in storage. Six cars were scrapped in 1933 and the other 6 in 1935.



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