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Rhode Island Short Lines and Industrial Railroads

Narragansett Pier RR

11 was built by Alco-Cooke in December 1920, #62635, for stock.  It was sold as NPRR 11 in March 1923.  It was sold as Bath & Hammondsport RR 11 in April 1938 and retired in 1951.  It was sold to Rail City Inc in 1955 and closed in 1972.  It was sold back as Narragansett Pier RR 11 in 1977 but never used and resold as Middletown & New Jersey 11 in 1982. 

42, 44 Ton, was built by General Electric in December 1947, #29076, as Boston & Maine 118, Class DS-1a.  It was sold aa NPRR 42 in September 1971 and sold as Quebec Iron & Titanium Corp 5111 in April 1981.

Seaview Transportation Co.

3, S3, was built by Alco in September 1950, #78391, as Boston & Maine 1175, Class DS-3b.  It was sold as Virginia Power & Light Co 1175 on January 22, 1965, and resold to Stone & Webster Co in 1965.  It was sold as Continental Forest Products Co 1175 and resold as Otter Valley RR 1.  It was sold as Seaview Transportation Co 3 in 1981 and leased as Cape Cod & Hyannis 3.  It was returned as Seaview 3 "Hamilton".

1851, GP9u, was built by Electro-Motive in August 1956, #22211, as Baltimore & Ohio 6467, Class FSE-2.  It was reclassified Class GP-9 in 1964 and wrecked in May 1972.  It was sold to Luntz Iron & Steel Co on June 18, 1973, and resold to Illinois Central.  It was rebuilt at Paducah as IC 8332 in December 1973 and sold thru VMV Enterprises as Mountain Laurel RR 15 in March 1992.  It was sold thru Buffalo & Pittsburgh as Finger Lakes Ry 1801 in May 1996.  It was sold to Seaview in December 2006 and repainted as 1851 in 2007.

Warwick Ry.

100 was built as an electric locomotive by General Electric in March 1915, #5068, as University of Michigan no number. In 1949 it was sold to the Warwick Ry as 100. They rebuilt it as a diesel switcher 100 in 1954 when the wires came down. In August 1959 it became Strasburg RR 100. It was rebuilt in 1960 as 7 and retired in November 1963. It was scrapped in 1977 and parts were sold to the Middletown & Hummelstown RR.


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