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400 was built in August 1960, #26114, FN 5626-1.  It became Seaboard Coast Line 1056 in July 1967 and became Seaboard System 1056 in January 1983.  It was sold as Jaxport Terminal Ry 1056.

404 was built in August 1960, #26118, FN 5626-5.  It became SCL 1060 in 1967 and SBD 1060 in January 1983.  It was sold to David J Joseph Co in 1985 and sold as Indiana & Ohio Ry 71.  It was sold to Bio Fuel Energy Corp as BEPX 71 in 2008.

408 was built in August 1960, #26122, FN 5626-7. It became SCL 1064 in July 1967 and was rebuilt at Uceta as SCL 4621 in May 1980. It later became SBD 4621 in January 1983 and was renumbered 1721 in 1984. It later became CSX Transportation 1721, Class GP-16, in April 1986 and was sold to Aberdeen Carolina & Western as 1721. It was later renumbered 1600.


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