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1744, Class M-6, was built by Baldwin in November 1901, #19671, as a compound. It was simpled at Sacramento on January 6, 1912, and superheated at Sparks on July 16, 1919. It was retired on September 24, 1956, and donated to the National Society of the Sons of Utah Pioneers at Corinne, UT, on May 9, 1959. It then went to the Heber Creeper where it was operated until it was purchased by Fort Worth & Western in 1990. Rebuilding was begun but never completed until it was sold to the New Orleans & Gulf Coast in 1999. They had a crew rebuild the locomotive at 7th Street prior to shipping it to New Orleans in October 2000. It made several break-in trips before shipment.  Unfortunately the excursion traffic never materialized and the service ended soon after it started.  It was sold in 2007 as Rio Grande Scenic RR 1744.

1831, Class M-11, was built by Baldwin in September 1909, #33823, as Ferrocarril Cananea Rio Yaqui y Pacifico 516. It immediately became Sud Pacifico de Mexico 516. On December 31, 1912, it was sold to Arizona Eastern RR as 570. In 1924 it became SP 1831, Class M-11, and was rebuilt at Los Angeles on July 18, 1927. It was scrapped at Bayshore on June 28, 1949.


1840, Class M-21, was built at Houston from older frames in March 1930 as Texas & New Orleans 528, Class M-21.  It was leased as Sud Pacifico de Mexico 528 on May 2, 1938 and transferred as SP 1840, Class M-21, on October 4, 1939.  It was returned as T&NO 528, Class M-21, on September 4, 1942.  It was scrapped at Houston on October 20, 1951.


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