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Hammond Whiting & East Chicago Ry.

Calumet Railways

Chicago & Calumet District Transit Co.


HW&EC was formed in 1892 in Hammond where 2 miles of track were built. It was then extended through East Chicago and Whiting to the state line and a connection to the South Chicago City Railway. It came under SCCRy control and service was extended to 63rd and Stony Island. In 1901 a fire destroyed the Hammond Packing Co which caused such a financial impact that all but 12 cars were sold. In 1908 the SCCRy merged with the Calumet Electric Street Ry as the Calumet & South Chicago Ry which retained control of the HW&EC. Joint service was maintained using cars of both companies. After World War I the line was plagued by private auto and jitney competition and finally filed for abandonment in 1929. A new company, Calumet Railways was formed, but it failed and was replaced by C&CDT. The Indiana Harbor line was abandoned in 1934 and the remainder of the system on June 9, 1940.

56 was built by St Louis Car Co in 190 as South Chicago City Ry 2543.  It was sold as HW&EC 506 in 1911 and renumbered 56 in 1916.

57 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1901 as SCCRy 2544.  It was sold as HW&EC 507 in 1911 and renumbered 57 in 1916.

62 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1901, as SCCRy 2545.  It was sold as HW&EC 512 in 1911 and renumbered 62 in 1916.

63 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1901, as SCCRy 2547.  It was sold as HW&EC 513 in 1911 and renumbered 63 in 1916.

64 was built by St Louis Car Co in 1901 as SCCRy 2548.  It was sold as HW&EC 514 in 1911 and renumbered 64 in 1916.

65 thru 68 were built by American Car in 1917 and was one-manned in 1932.


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