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Stark Electric RR

Incorporated in 1900 and named for the county it served, this road started contruction between Alliance and Canton, OH, with service opening in 1902. They acquired the Alliance Street Ry to provide access in Alliance and used tracks of the Canton and Massillon Electric Ry in Canton. In 1903 the line was extended east to Sebring and to Salem in 1904. Connections were made with the Northern Ohio Traction & Light at Canton, with the Cleveland Alliance & Mahoning Valley at Alliance, and with the Youngstown & Ohio River at Salem. Shops, power plant, and an amusement park were located at Lake Park just east of Alliance. The company marketed electric power and this stabilize its profit line. In addition, Stark also had a substantial package freight business after it became a member of Electric Package Agency in 1907. Service was provided at a high standard. In the 1920s, lightweight cars replaced the older heavy cars, and in 1927 the power business was spun off.

When NOT&L decided to abandon their line between Canton and Massillon, Stark formed Inter-City Rapid Transit to take over the line in 1931.

Revenues covered operating expenses through the depression, but receivership became necessary in 1932. As the depression neared an end, it was apparent that rehabilitation was necessary and the long term out-look was not favorable. The line was abandoned on July 15, 1939. The lightweights were sold to Birmingham and the rest of the line was scrapped.

38 thru 40 were built by Cincinnati Car in 1928. In 1939 they were sold to Birmingham Electric Co and rebuilt by Perley-Thomas as 538 thru 540. They were scrapped by 1953.

41 thru 48 were built by Cincinnati Car in 1926. In 1939 they were sold to BECo and rebuilt by Perley-Thomas as 541 thru 548. They were scrapped by 1953.


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