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Octoraro Railroad

Delaware Valley Railroad


This railroad in Eastern Pennsylvania was formed in the 1980s as the Octoraro and took over the former Reading line from Coatesville to Ellsmere Jct, DE, and the former Pennsylvania line from Chads Ford to Sylmar, MD. In June 1994 the Octoraro gave way to the Delaware Valley.

2, RS2, was built by Alco in May 1949, #76819, as Toledo Peoria & Western 202. It became ORR 2 in 1984.

3, S2, was built by Alco in October 1948, #76183, as Baltimore & Ohio 519, Class DS-5A. It was renumbered 9063, Class SA-3, in 1957 and reclassified Class S-2 in 1964, It was sold on April 13, 1976, as Rail Development Corp and assigned to ORR as 9063 in December 1976. It was renumbered 3 in July 1979 and donated to the B&O Museum in May 1990.

5, RS2, was built by Alco in September 1949, #77404, as TP&W 205. It was sold to ORR 5 in November 1983,

6, RS3, was built by Alco in June 1951, #78917, as New York Central 8280, Class DRSP-6c.  It was renumbered 5521, Class ARS-16s, in 1966 and became Penn Central 5521, Class ARS-16s, in 1968.  It became Amtrak 134 in June 1976 and sold as ORR 6 in December 1985.

9, 65 Ton, was built by General Electric in April 1941, #13035, as U S Army 7079.  It was sold as Black River & Western 7079 in November 1970 and resold as ORR 9 in 1979.

55, SW-1, was built by Electro-Motive in July 1950, #11190, FN 6081-1, as Pennsylvania RR 9396, Class ES-6.  It was renumbered 8556 in 1966 and became Penn Central 8556, Class ES-6, in 1968.  It became Consolidated Railroad Corp 8556, Class SW-1, in April 1976 and sold as Anthracite Ry 55.  It was sold as ORR 55 and sold to Big Dog Lines as BDLX 55.  It became Connersville & New Castle RR as CNUR 55 in December 2009.

103, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in November 1956, #22362, as Chesapeake & Ohio 6179, Class MRSE-17.  It was reclassified Class GP-9 in 1964 and sold as Prairie Trunk RR 679 in 1987.  It was sold as Huron & Eastern RR 103 in 1989 and became Idaho Northern & Pacific 103 in 1993.  It went as South Central Tennessee 103 in 1994 and went as ORR 103.  It became DV 105 and returned as HESR 103.

105, GP9, was built by Electro-Motive in March 1957, #22837, as Central Vermont 4548, Class GR-17j. It was transferred later to Grand Trunk Western as 4548, Class GR-17j. In 1989 it was sold to HESR as 105 "City of Vassar". In 1993 it was sent to INDR as 105. In 1994 it was returned to the HESR and then transferred to ORR as 105 and then to DV as 105 and then to Gettysburg RR as 105 and finally returned to HESR as 105.

211, RS32, was built by Alco in March 1962, #84027, as Southern Pacific 7302, Class DF-618.  It was renumbered 4002, Class AS420-1, in 1966 and retired in May 1977.  It was sold as Chrome Crankshaft Co 4002 in September 1978 and sold as East Tennessee & Western North Carolina 211 in August 1980.  It became East Tennessee Ry 211 in 1984 and sold as Delaware Valley Ry 211.  It then was sold as Tishomingo RR 211 and then in October 2004 as Delaware-Lackawanna RR 211.

346, GP7u, was built by Electro-Motive in November 1953, #18904, as Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe 2887, Class 2650. It was rebuilt at Cleburne in January 1979 as 2150, Class 2050, and retired in April 1989. It was sold to Indiana Hi-Rail as 346 in April 1989, and later sold to ORR as 346. It became DV 346 in 1994.

735, SW1, was built by Electro-Motive in May 1941, #1261, as New York Central 629, Class DES-6d.  It was renumbered 679 and renumbered 8476, Class ES-6, in 1966.  It became Penn Central 8476, Class ES-6, in 1968.  It became National Railway Passenger Corp (Amtrak) 245 in 1976 and renumbered 735.  It was sold as ORR 735 in September 1985 and sold as Tank Car Co of America 735.  It was sold as Bridgewater Resources Inc 735 in 2004.

960, Class 20E-RS, was built in November 1954, #20030, as Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 2389, Class 17.5E-RS. It was renumbered 239 in 1959 and rebuilt at West Milwaukee as 960, Class 20E-RS. It became Soo Line 960 and was assigned, but never renumbered, as 4314. It was sold to General American Transportation in August 1990 and then to ORR as 960. It was later sold to Massachusetts Central as 960.

4118, RS3, was built by Alco in October 1952, #80318, as Delaware & Hudson 4118, Class DERS-60.  It was reclassified as Class RS-15 in 1959 and sold as ORR 4118 in 1984.  It became Delaware Valley RR 4118 and sold as Delaware-Lackawanna RR 4118.


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