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3672 was built in December 1973, #73624-2, FN 73624-2.  It became Consolidated Railroad Corp 3276, Class GP-40-2, in April 1976 and later became CSX Transportation 4400, Class GP40-2.

3673 was built in December 1973, #73624-3, FN 73624-3. It became Conrail 3277, Class GP40-2, in April 1976, and it later became CSX 4401, Class GP40-2.

3674 was built in December 1973, #73624-4, FN 73624-4.  It became Conrail 3278, Class GP40-2. in April 1976, and later became Norfolk Southern PRR 3001.  It became NS 3001, Class GP40-2.



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