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Bevier & Southern RR


In North Central Missouri there once was a fabulous little railroad which was designed to haul coal. I was fortunate enough to see it 50 years ago, but it was not a day they were running. They had Moguls from several sources. They once had electric locomotives from Indiana. They ran a Mikado. And they ended up with some borrowed diesels. Then the coal ran out. Here are some photos of the power used by this little short line gem.

109 was built by Brooks in December 1900, #3697, as Illinois Central 560.  It was renumbered 3719 in July 1937 and renumbered 3706 in April 1943.  It was sold as B&S 109 in February 1946.  It was sold to George Silcott in March 1963 and sold to Monadnock Steamtown & Northern in March 1963.  It became Steamtown Foundation in 1967 and sold to Illinois Railway Museum in May 1986.  It was lettered as IC 3706.

110 was built by Baldwin in December 1910, #35770, as Minneapolis & St. Louis 369, Class F-2. It was later renumbered 66 in 1912 and later Class F3-33 and later Class F4-33.  It was retired in November 1942 and sold to B&S as 110 in March 1943. It was scrapped in 1960.

111 was built by Baldwin in 1907 and scrapped in 1960.

112 was built by Baldwin in November 1920, #54016.  It was donated to the City of Bevier in 1963.

The engine terminal was busy considering the size of the line.

Steam locomotives required water.

4963 was built by Baldwin in July 1923, #56812, as Chicago Burlington & Quincy 4963, Class O-1-A.  It was leased as Bevier & Southern 4963 in 1961 and returned in 1964.  It was sold to Richard Jensen in 1966 and transferred to Chicago & Western Indiana in September 1969.  It was sold to Erman-Howell Co in September 1969 and sold to Illinois Railway Museum in November 1990.

In addition, several NW2 diesels were also leased from the Q including 9400A and 9409A which was renumbered 564 when the Q was merged into BN.

Electric power was also used. Three locomotives were purchased from Indiana RR in 1943 when the last trains ran at the Binkley Mine. Electrification on the B&S was short lived and the three locomotives went on to the Kansas City Kaw Valley RR about 1950.

200 was built by Terre Haute Indianapolis & Eastern in 1927 as 196. In 1930 it became IRR 753 and was rebuilt in 1935. At Binkley it was used as standby power as it was considered powerful but slippery. When the KCKV purchased it, it was used only as a parts source and was never relettered.

201 was built by Union Traction of Indiana in 1928 as 787. In 1930 it became Indiana RR 787 and was rebuilt in 1939. It ended the IRR at Binkley Mine in April 1943 and was sold to Bevier & Southern as 201. In approximately 1950 it came to the KCKV where only the name was changed.

202 was built by Terre Haute Indianapolis & Eastern in 1920 as 192. In 1930 it became IRR 752 and also ended at Binkley. It was then sold to B&S as 202 and came to KCKV where it also had only the name changed.


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