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Saint Louis South-Western

Electro-Motive SD45 Diesels


9059, Class EF636C-2, was built in March 1968, #34427, FN 7140-8.  It was rebuilt in February 1986 as Southern Pacific 7563, Class EF636LR-4.  It was sold to Helm Leasing Co as 7563 and rebuilt in 1996 as Buffalo & Pittsburgh 454.  It was sold to Larry's Truck Equipment Co in May 2012.  It was scrapped in 2012.

9064, Class EF636C-2, was built in November 1968, #34730, FN 7150-5,.  It was rebuilt as SP 7554, Class EF636-LR3, and sold as Montana Rail Link 7554 in December 1996.  It was rebuilt as 325 and scrapped in May 2014.

9066, Class EF636C-2, was built in December 1968, #34732, FN 7150-7.

9068, Class EF636C-2, was built in December 1968, #34734, FN 7150-9.  It was retired in 1989.

9153, Class EF636C-4, was built in January 1970, #35754, FN 7215-2.  It was rebuilt in 1968 as SP 7537, Class EF636LR-3. It was sold as HATX 7537 in 1995 and renumbered as HATX 450.  It was sold as B&P 450.  It was transferred as Illinois Midland RR 450 in 2004 and transferred as Portland & Western RR 3052 in 2005.  It was rebuilt as 3603, SD45-3.


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