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Korean National RR

Joseon Chongdokbu Cheoldoguk

Passee-3 4-6-2


There were six of these locomotives built by Kawasaki in 1923 as numbers 957 thru 962 according to Peter Clark's information. In the general renumbering of 1938 they became Passee 3 1 thru 6. Of all the Pacifics, James Heffner shows that 73 went to South Korea and 68 to North Korea at the time of the division. It could be assumed that the 6 PC3s were probably split evenly.

PC3-2 was built by Kawasaki in 1923 as 958.  It was renumbered PC3-2 in 1938.

PC3-6. was built by Kawasaki in 1923 as 962.  It was renumbered PC3-6 in 1938.


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