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Don's Rail Photos

New Zealand Trams


Canterbury Tramway Co.

7 was built by Kitson & Co in 1881, #28.  It was retired in the 1920s but used on occasions.  It was reconditioned in 1942 for possible wartime need and given to Christchurch Transport Board.  It was given to Tramway Historical Society. It was restored in 1967 and sent to the Ferrymead Tramway.  It got another major overhaul in 2007-8.

Dunedin City Council

It began service in 1881 and closed on March 2, 1957.

105 was built by Stansfield in 1903.  It was donated to the Seashore Trolley Museum in 1957.

New Plymouth Corporation Tramways

New Plymouth introduced the first trams in 1916 and ran them until July 23, 1954.

7 was built by Brill Car in January 1921, #21189.

9 was built by Brill Car in January 1921, #21189.

Wellington City Council Tramways

151 was built by WCCT in 1923.  It was donated to Wellington Tramway Museum in 1961 and is in regular service.



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