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Don's Rail Photos

Seaboard Coast Line RR

Electro-Motive GP30 Diesels

1301 was built in January 1963, #27990, FN 7637-2, as Atlantic Coast Line 901.  It became SCL 1301 in July 1967 and was later to Louisville & Nashville as 1062, Class GP-30.  It then went to Seaboard System RR as 1393 in January 1983.

1303 was built in January 1963, #27992, FN 7637-4, as ACL 903.  It became SCL 1303 in July 1967 and transferred as L&N 1064, Class GP-30.  It became SBD 1395 in January 1983 and rebuilt by Morrison Knudsen as Burlington Northern 2808, Class GP-39M, on February 24, 1989.  It became Burlington Northern Santa Fe 2808, Class GP-39M, in April 2001 and later became Class GP39-2R.

1309 was built in November 1962, #27928, FN 5648-1, as Seaboard Air Line RR 600. In July 1967 it became SCL 1309 and then SBD 1309 in January 1983. It was rebuilt by Morrison Knudsen in December 1988 and became BN 2805, Class GP-39M, on December 30, 1988. It later became BNSF 2805, Class GP-39M, and later became Class GP39-2R.

1328 was built in December 1962, #27942, FN 7636-10, as SAL 519.  In July 1967 it became Seaboard Coast Line 1328 and then Seaboard System RR 1328 in January 1983. It was traded in to General Electric in 1985.



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