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Passenger and Business Cars

108 was a business car.

401 "Wyoming" was built by Pullman in November 1925, #4923, as Pullman Co "Monte Viso".  It was rebuilt as "Capitol Road" and sold as C&NW 400. business car, in 1948 and rebuilt as 401 "Wyoming".  It was sold to a private ownership and renamed "Carolyn".  It was resold to Ozark Mountain Railcar and apparently resold.

420 "Fox River", inspection car, was built in 1954 as Canadian National 1087 "Cape Breton", sleeper-lounge.  It became Via Rail Canada 1087 and sold to C&NW in 1985.  It was rebuilt by Milwaukee Railcar to a theater car and became Union Pacific 420 "Fox River". 

421 "Powder River", dome, was built by Pullman-Standard in 1952, #6908, as Chicago Milwaukee St Paul & Pacific 53.  It was sold as CN "Athabasca" in January 1965 and renumbered 2701 in April 1974.  It became Via Rail 2701 in March 1978 and retired in June 1982.  It was sold to Rail Travel Associates in February 1983 and painted as 53 in August 1984.  It was donated to MidContinent Railway Museum in 1985 but never used.  It was sold to C&NW as 421 "Powder River" in 1985.  It was sold to North Carolina Department of Transportation as 400301 "Mount Mitchell" in 1996, but never used.  It was sold to Friends of the 261 and repainted for service as North Star Rail 800862.

422 "Iowa River", presentation car, was built by Budd in 1948 as Denver & Rio Grande Western 1120 "Silver Aspen".  It sold to C&NW in 1984 and rebuilt by Milwaukee Railcar as 422 "Iowa River".  It was sold to several individuals and purchased by Railroading Heritage of Midwest America.  It was sold to Grand Canyon Ry in 1999 and put in service in April 2000 as 2098 "Colorado River".

425, coach, was built by Pullman Standard in 1965 for Kansas City Southern.  It was sold to New Jersey Department of Transportation and sold to C&NW in 1985.  It was resold in 1991.

3478 was built by American Car & Foundry in 1953.  It was transferred as Southern Pacific 2212 and became National Railway Passenger Corp 4466 (800161).  It was sold as Columbus & Greenville 3 "John H Hough Jr".

7411 was built by Pullman Co in December 1915, #7876.  It is at the Green Bay Railway Museum.

"Imperial Drive", sleeper, was built by Pullman-Standard in 1942, #6668, as Pullman Corp "Imperial Drive.  It was painted as Union Pacific and sold to C&NW on December 31, 1945.  It was repainted as C&NW on April 23, 1953.  It was sold as Auto-Liner Co 100 on August 1, 1970, and sold as Great Western Tours 49.


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