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United States Department of Transportation

001, U30C, was built by General Electric in June 1971, #38090.  It was donated to the Pueblo Railway Museum.

002, 44 Ton, was built by General Electric in January 1943, #15764, as U S Army 7439. It later became DOT 002 and then to Cadillac & Lake City Ry as 44. It was sold to Evans Railcar Co as 44.

50 was built by United Aircraft-Pullman in 1967 as ETU-1.  It was renumbered 50 and transferred to Amtrak as 50.  It was renumbered 150 and retired in 1980.

219 is a test car.

T2000 is a track inspection car.

X4, ACT1, was built by Boeing-Vertol in 1972.  It was the Advanced Concept Train 1 which was a total failure.  It was finally sold to the Tennessee Valley Railway Museum and sat for many years.  Afterwards it was scrapped because it was a eye-sore.


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