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Don's Rail Photos

Wisconsin Central Railway



There was something classic about the stations on the Whisky Central, as we called it. As far as we were concerned, the Soo Line ran west of the Twin Cities. The railroad in our part of the country was, and would always be, the Wisconsin Central.

Lake Villa, IL.

Lake Loon, IL, was 2 miles north and apparently just a waiting shed.

Antioch, IL, was 2 miles further and the last station in Illinois.  It is now a terminal for Metra.

The first station in Wisconsin at Trevor.

The first major city in Wisconsin was Burlington.

Interchange with the Municipality of East Troy RR was done at Mukwonago.

This classis limestone station was at Waukesha. It had a separate express building at one end, and a baggage room at the other. I hope it was preserved.

The Milwaukee Road crossed at Duplainville where the tower was manned by Milwaukee Road personnel.  The tower was built in 1929 to replace an older tower which burned on January 1, 1929.  The last tower was torn down in 1987 to allow a new connection.  The diamond was then controlled from Milwaukee.

It is now a short drive north to Sussex, but years ago it was a considerable trip. The Milwaukee Road North Lake branch crossed here. There was accomodation space for the agent and his family upstairs.

The Milwaukee Road Northern Division crossed at Slinger, formerly Schleisingerville. The station was a Milwaukee Road station.

Allenton is a few miles west of West Bend, and is about half way between Waukesha and Fond du Lac. The station lines were great, but how about that composition siding which was supposed to look like brick. It felt good to get inside near that stove on a cold winter day in Wisconsin.

Fond du Lac was another beautiful structure. It was still in good shape a half century ago, but I believe it was replaced shortly after I got the picture.

At North Fond du Lac was the Shops Yard office and station. This was a regular stop while steam power was changed.

Dale is on the main line as it leaves the Fox River Valley.

Gills Landing was just past Fremont.

A little farther is Weyauwega.

Amherst was south of Amherst Junction.  That was the crossing with Green Bay & Western.

Halfway between Stevens Point and Marshfield was Auburndale.

Marshfield was a junction with the Omaha Road.

There was a short branch from Marshfield to Greenwood. Half way was Loyal. The locomotive was a WC 4-4-0.

West of Marshfield was Spencer which closed on November 30, 1973.

East of Chippewa Falls was Boyd.

The next station was Caddott.

West of Chippewa Falls was Albertville.

Colfax had a substantial stone depot.

A little farther west was Boyceville.

Gloster is now part of the east side of the Twin Cities. The Northern Pacific crossed here.

There was a branch off the Ashland line which ended at Athens.

Farther up the Ashland line was Chelsea.

Prentice station is now a museum.

Continuing north is Park Falls which is an active CN station.

Seven miles north we would find Butternut.

The Ashland station burned in 2000. It is now planned for restoration. A donation to restore the Historic Ashland Soo Line Depot can be sent to AADC - Depot Restoration % Jim Ogilvie, 422 Third Street West, Suite 101, Ashland, WI 54806.



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