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The Budd Company was formed in 1912 to build pressed steel frames for automobiles which were mostly wood at that time. Edward G. Budd was born in 1870 and went to work as a machinist helper for the Pennsylvania RR and was part of the crew which built their first steel passenger car. In 1932, as a means to diversify, Budd joined with Michelin Rubber to produce a rubber tired rail car. Several varieties were built but were not successful. In 1934 they joined with Electro-Motive to produce the Pioneer Zephyr. This lead to Budd becoming a major producer of stainless steel passenger and rapid transit cars. In 1949 they introduced the RDC which was followed by the SPV-2000 in 1977. Railroad car building ended in the 1980s and the company is now part of Krupp of Germany.

3, 80 Ton, was built by Davenport in October 1952, #3344, as United States Army 1621. It later became Budd 3 in May 1970. It was sold to Georgia Marble Co as 3 and then to ECC America Calcium Products as 3. This company became Imerys Pigments, Inc.

SPV-2000 was built by Budd in 1977.  It was scrapped in 2002.


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