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Tidewater Southern Ry.


100 was built by Central California Traction Co in 1905 as 1. It was rebuilt as TSRy 100 in 1913. It was scrapped in 1948.

106 was built by General Electric in May 1921, #8438. It was sold to the Sacramento Northern as 670 in 1948 and scrapped in 1956.

132 was built by Baldwin in 1923, #57010, as Sierra RR 32. It was sold to TSRy as 32 in April 1940 and later renumbered 132 to avoid a conflict with Western Pacific 32. It was scrapped in 1955.

135, 44 Ton, was built by General Electric in November 1946, #29337.  It was renumbered 735, Class S-26, and sold to Pickering Lumber Co on April 8, 1967.  It was never relettered or repainted.  It was sold to Pacific Railroad Contractors in 1977 and no relettering or painting.  It was used on several projects and it was owned by A&K RR Materials in Kansas City, KS, in the late 1990s.  There is an effort to preserve the engine.

142, 70 Ton, was built by General Electric in January 1948, #29470. It was renumbered 742 in 1952 and sold to Preston W Duffy on November 7, 1966. It then was sold to Kelley's Creek & Northwestern as 9.

743, 70 Ton, Class S-41, was built by General Electric in June 1953, #31726.  It was sold to Preston W Duffy in June 1967 and resold to George R Silcott Co.  It was sold as Iowa Terminal RR 76 in January 1969 and sold as Sisseton Southern RR 76 in 1987.  It became Dakota Southern RR 76 in 1989.

744, S2,  was built by Alco in November 1943, #70953, as Western Pacific 554, Class S-57.  It was sold as TSRy 744 in 1969 and resold as Oakland Terminal Ry 102 on February 25, 1970.  It was sold to Railway Equipment Leasing Co 1014.

746, RS1, was built by Alco in December 1949, #77840, as Spokane International 207. It was renumbered 1218 in 1962 and sold to Chrome Crankshaft on December 27, 1969. It then was sold to TSRy as 746 on February 2, 1970, and to Central California Traction Co as 80 on December 31, 1976.



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